A Sound Of Thunder – Udoroth – Video Review

This is something of a departure for me, writing a review of a promo video, but occasionally a band steps up and does something so exceptionally special that to not recognize it would be a travesty. In this case, local heroes A Sound of Thunder (ASoT), have just released their promo video for what happens to be my favorite track from the forthcoming album, The Lesser Key of Solomon, due for release on September 9th.


The track in question is “Udoroth”, which lists as the second track on the album and delivers a classic slice of power metal, very much inline with previous ASoT favorites of mine. However, the video takes the story and turns this into an epic of unparalleled merit! As I sit here, I am struggling to think of any comparable video offering from any other band… Perhaps I have a crappy memory, but I honestly can’t bring anything to mind.

Unlike the majority of music videos, instead of the usual “let’s mime to the video (and, if we’re really creative, try to impart a bit the story of the song)”, which, in the case of ASoT’s previous offerings, have been pretty decent all round; here we have a full-up animated video! Now, I have to confess, I am not familiar with comic books at all – that world exists in another parallel universe to the one I reside in, so I can’t offer any deep insight into the style of the animation, but visually it is a festival for the eyes.

The basic story takes us through the demise of a rather unsavory character with a penchant for lopping heads off with a large sword and keeping a bevy of scantily clad ladies chained to his ‘throne’ and his subsequent re-emergence in the underworld, where his bad-ass terrifies everyone including the local demons. Pretty soon he’s the taken over as the demon lord and anyone not toeing the line is likely to have their head bitten off or smashed with a flail (there’s a lot of blood splashing around in the vid…). As his power grows, he masters the fires down below and morphs into a demonic creature of rage-fuelled terror, who then marches his army into the human world. Fortunately the Queen Of Hell (from the previous ASoT album, Time’s Arrow) is there to defend the destiny of man. At this point a most epic battle ensues.

The lead-in to the solo is awesome with the backing vocals driving an almost tennis-match-like to-and-fro between the opposing sides. Also making an appearance at this point are the animated ASoT characters, starting off with a cool headstock go-pro camera-like view of Josh’s Steinberg guitar, which pans out to see the band floating above a pit of fire, with Jesse stylishly sporting his signature hat and Chris pounding a quad bass-drum kit! At this point we briefly meet anime-Nina, complete with goggles – all in all very cool touch. Despite the bands appearance, it is the story that continues to dominate and we see the track come to a conclusion with a crushing duel between the Queen and Udoroth – who will win…?

Below is a link to the video and at the time of writing, just 24 short hours since public release the view count is sitting at just over one thousand. This deserves to be 100,000 and if it isn’t close to this within a few weeks I will be sorely disappointed. This is a classic breakout performance by the band and consider is a masterstroke. One thing to consider – this was far from a cheap enterprise – but the finished result more than justifies this. There isn’t one aspect from start to finish that points to anything other than 100% commitment to do this right. I cannot praise this highly enough – it is awesome. I sincerely hope everyone reading this shares the video – it deserves to go viral and push the band far into the metal-world spotlight. Easily a 10/10.





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