Coming soon… The Sound Of Thunder “Out Of The Darkness” and Furyon “Gravitas” album reviews

So, for some reason March 27th was a big day for album releases, but two releases of personal interest were offerings from The Sound Of Thunder with “Out Of The Darkness” released on Nightmare Records and Furyon from the UK, with “Gravitas” released on Frontiers Records.

So, confession time – I am friends with members of both bands, so this will be fun won’t it?… Actually, fear not, because, despite an obvious possibility of bias, both are flipping amazing releases. I won’t spill (all) the beans ahead of the ‘real’ reviews, but to cut to the chase, both are “MUST BUY” albums in my book. Both are available on Amazon and iTunes, so you can go get ’em now.

Coming this weekend A Sound Of Thunder play Empire (formerly Jaxx) in Springfield, VA (Saturday 7PM), at the release party for the aforementioned album, so I expect to review that coming next week. This will be the first time seeing them in a headlining situation so I am really looking forward to this.

Rock on friends \m/


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