Hello world! Or NoVA Metal Review goes live!

So, you’ve found my new blog – NoVA Metal Review – catchy huh? So, what you’ll find here are the ramblings of a metal fan who grew up through the surge of the NWOBHM (yep, I’m originally from the UK, moved to the USA 13 years ago), played guitar in various bands for many years (may be I’ll post about that at some point…) and, relatively recently, rediscovered the live music scene around the Washington DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland region. This is a pretty lucky area of the USA to be in, since we’re right inline with any bands making the trek North<>South along the East Coast, so we get a lot of concerts within a 90 minute drive.

What you’ll find on these pages as time goes by, is a collection of my personal reviews of each show I attend. I have no professional training in writing anything, so let’s get all the necessary apologies out-of-the-way for my crappy grammar, punctuation and sentence construction. My thing is not about perfect prose, but all about the music, performance and vibe. If I am really lucky I might get some editorial assistance from my dear wife, who speaks more languages than I had beers last night, and knows exactly where to stick a comma and digs metal music just as much as I do.

Please note: I grant unrestricted use of any of my writings/posts/scribbles to any of the specific bands/artists I mention. All I ask is you include a link to the original article and ensure credit to “NoVAMetalReview”. Anyone else needs to ASK ME FIRST, ok?



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